Q: How do our jump starters charge up the car without a battery?

Answer JS BATTLESS® Series contain super-capacitors, which have a short- term energy storage, but able to transfer an accumulated energy in a burst (burst-mode power deliver). They are able to create enough power for the vehicle to start up by being charged for a very short period of time (3-5 minutes) compared to typical battery jump starters. 

There are 2 ways to start up a dead vehicle battery due to 2 different situations:


For a battery above 10V: (shown on the jump starter screen after connection)

1. Connect to the dead battery (a battery above 10V is sufficient enough to charge up the capacitors).

2. Wait for 2-6 minutes (depending on voltage) to let the battery charge up the Jump Starter.

3. Set the voltage 12V/24V (if applicable).

4. Press the Start Button to turn on the Jump starter. 

The Jump Starter is now ready, energy will be transferred to the engine once the engine is being cranked, the vehicle starts.


For a battery below 10V: (shown on the jump starter screen after connection)

1. Access to external charging.

(another vehicle battery, cigarette plug socket or a USB plug socket)

2. Depending on the charging source, the waiting time varies,

2-6 minutes for vehicle battery/ cigarette plug socket, 20 minutes for USB plug socket (only available for 12V Jump Starters).

3. Connect Remote Control to the Jump Starter and Press the Start Button on the Jump Starter.

4. Press the Remote Control Button, then Start the Car within 1 second.


Get the engine started instantly on your own. No more money wasted on towing.


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