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Please include the product, packaging, accessories, purchase documents and courier documents (all files cannot exceed the total of 2M) and submit them to the customer service within 7 days. After the delivery team verifies that there is a difference in the total weight of the product sent, there will be an arrangement for free replacement of accessories including transportation costs. However, if the revision of the record does not have errors, customers must order accessories individually.

To avoid any inconvenience to customers, the shipping team will record the weight of the product including the package, the total weight of the package and the weight of the courier company.  Ensuring that all accessories are included when the product is sent to the customer.

Please include the product, packaging, accessories, purchase documents and courier documents (all files cannot exceed in the total of 2M) and submit them to the customer service.

Please describe details of the damage, including:

- the appearance of damage

- damage in product and accessories

- inability to function

- dysfunction of product

Our customer service will then forward the information to the relevant departments and verify the information given.  When the assigned department confirms the damages of product, we will arrange a free replacement of the product/accessories as soon as possible.

After the customer service confirms the courier company lost or misdelivered the package, we will arrange a free replacement (including shipping) of the product and ship as soon as possible.


You can start the engine of the car. (As long as it’s the battery that causes the engine to dysfunction). The battery self-discharges after one year. If it connects to the supercapacitor emergency power supply and is unable to turn on and charges automatically, the car battery voltage may be lower than 10V or it is an open circuit. In this case, the emergency power supply must be externally charged then reconnect to the car battery (it is recommended to use the remote control cable operation). Next, try to start the engine. It may be necessary to start the engine repeatedly for 3-5 times because the car is left turn off for a long period of time. The internal oil has Relatively strong liquidity reduction. After starting the engine 1-2 times, the engine can be started after the change of the fluidity of the oil.

Use the wire brush accessory that is included in the product. Simply just use the wire brush to brush and clean off the dirt/corrosion until it returns to its original colour. If the wire brush is damaged from repeated use or is lost, customers can contact customer service or purchase another one on our website. In case of emergency, you can use the output wire of the alligator clip to connect to the terminal and shake it in loops. Continue the motion until it causes scratches on the battery terminals or the original terminal colour to appear.

The engine can be started.  External charging and manual mode are required. It is recommended to use the remote control cable for operation.

Please check whether the car has an anti-theft device, speaker, automobile video recorders or other devices installed. That may consume battery power or cause leakage when running while the engine is off. It is recommended to find a professional car company or agent to check and repair. The quality of the battery must be checked, and it is recommended to contact the battery supplier or agent for disposal.

You can connect the remote control cable to the alligator clip, USB plug or a car plug while the power is on. It will not cause any damage to the product. 

Generally, the 12V battery has 6 sections within its internal structure. When the battery is fully charged, each section contains around 2.2V.  If one section is disconnected or severely crystallized internally, the battery voltage will be between approximately 10V to 12V. After starting the engine many times, the battery power is reduced accordingly. Since the battery is 10V or above, it can be automatically charged when the power is connected to the battery. But it will stop charging again after a moment, because the power is insufficient to charge, and the internal system will then detects and plays a beeping sound. Once this sound is played, immediately remove the alligator clip from the battery. Then, perform external charging and manual mode operation to start the engine (it is recommended to use the remote control line operation).


The car battery may be less than 5Vor has an open circuit. Therefore, startup power cannot be turned on automatically. You must perform external charging then reconnect to the car battery. It is recommended to use the manual mode and use the remote line operation.

Because the product uses a supercapacitor to replace the function of the battery. The supercapacitor is able to transfer energy to generate energy. No chemical reaction occurs. In contrast, lead-acid batteries and lithium batteries generate energy through chemical reactions.

The output energy from supercapacitors is much phenomenal than batteries. Plus, there is no environmental pollution during the manufacturing process. It can be charged and discharged for 50 times. It has much longer lifespan than batteries. There will be further developments on the supercapacitor and it will take over the status of the battery in the near future.

When the SC-350F / SC-500F product is connected to the remote control, the red light is to indicate that the remote control is connected to the product and is on standby status.

When the SC-720F / SC-1000F product is connected to the remote control, the red light indicates that the battery supply is low, and it must be charged before starting the engine. The red light flashes when the product is charging. When it is fully charged and ready to use, the green light flashes. The green light represents the engine can be started and the status of automatic recharge.

It is not recommended. The product will automatically shut down after one minute when it is not in use. Every time it is in use, you must press the switch to start power or external charging.

There are symbols on the battery to distinguish the positive and negative.

"+" represents the positive pole, it is generally shown next to the battery terminal. A red cover is used for the wire to protect against any contact with other open circuits that may occur or any danger"-" represents the negative pole. It is usually displayed next to the battery terminal. The wire connecting the car to the battery is protected with a black cover or no cover. Since the car body is all negative, it will not be dangerous for it to contact other areas.It is recommended that the positive and negative wires or battery terminals not be in contact with each other and other objects. It must be handled separately. Make sure to pay attention to safety.Some cars have the car battery installed in the rear part of the car and away from the engine. Since the positive and negative terminals are installed near the engine, please refer to the recommended vehicle's manual before operating if your car battery is installed at the rear part of the car.


There is no need to use the remote control to jumpstart every time. It depends on the battery status of the car and whether it is familiar with the operation of the starting power.

If the car battery voltage is above10V, the power supply will start automatically without the use of remote control.  Connect the car battery of the broken down car, then it will start the power automatically  Charges automatically, and wait until charging is completed.  Press the start button, then it will enter the auto-sensing system  Return to the driver’s seat, and the engine can be started at anytime.If the car battery voltage is 10V or less, the power supply will be needed to start manually.  External charging  It is recommended to connect the remote control (not necessary to be connected but highly recommend)  Reconnect the broken down car’s battery  Turn on the power  Press to jumpstartWith the remote controller connected, you can easily return to the driver’s seat. Press the remote control button, then turn the key or press the START button immediately in the car to start the engine.

Without the remote controller connected, when you press to jumpstart, please return to the driver’s seat within 10 seconds. The product will then play a beeping noise to indicate that it is ready to jumpstart. Once it plays one sound of the beep, start the car immediately. Do not wait until it keeps beeping or longer, or the power supply will be absorbed by the car’s dead battery. The car will be unable to start and will have to repeat the same procedure to start again. It is highly recommended for beginners to use remote control.

Generally, the starting power of European cars is relatively large. Please contact our customer service to replace the product with a larger output energy.

If already using SC-720F, please contact our customer service for a detailed explanation, provide car brand, model, year and operating procedures for further analysis. Our customer service will be here to solve the problem as soon as possible.

If the engine had jumpstarted in the past, but now failed to jumpstart after several attempts, it is not caused by insufficient power. Please visit a car repair store for further inspection, because other components of the starting engine may be damaged.

The common cause is the spark plug (commonly known as the fire nozzle) from ageing, fouling, etc., which results in insufficient gasoline supply after the engine is started and causes the inability to be started. There are other components such as power distribution, high-voltage wires, etc. are damaged. It is recommended to go to the repair store for further inspection of the vehicle.


Our products utilize supercapacitor instead of standard lithium batteries. A supercapacitor is an electrical element with an electrochemical principle. It does not undergo any chemical reactions when it is used and during energy storage. It can repeatedly release energy and charge quickly for thousands of times.

A supercapacitor is an electrical element with an electrochemical principle. Its theoretical basis is the electric double layer theory proposed by the German physicist Hermann Von Helmholtz. When a metal electrode is inserted into the electrolytic solution, its surface will produce an opposite excess charge. If you continue to apply a voltage that is less than the electrolyte, the positive and negative ions in the electrolyte will quickly move to the two poles, forming a tight layer on the electrode surface, which is known as the electric double layer.

The electric double layers are composed of activated carbon porous electrodes and electrolytes.

- Supercapacitors are small in size but contain large capacity. They have a strong charge and discharge ability. The charging speed is extremely fast. They can reach more than 95% of their rated capacity in only a few seconds.

- Power density is 10 times more than standard batteries.

- Standard batteries go through chemical reactions when charging, which will affect battery life. However, supercapacitors do not undergo any chemical reactions, so they have an ultra-long lifespan.

- Supercapacitors can charge and discharge more than 500,000 times. That is 500 times more than the lithium-ion batteries and 1000 times more than NiMH and Ni-Cd batteries.

- Supercapacitors can charge and discharge 20 times a day and can be used continuously for 68 years.

- Short charging and discharging times, simple charging circuit requirements.

- They can tolerate extremely low and high temperatures. The lowest is -40C and the highest is +70C.

- Supercapacitors do not breakdown when there is an influx of volts going through them. They are reliable and perfectly safe from overvoltage.

- Supercapacitors are environmentally friendly, whereas batteries cause pollution during and after use.